Since I was little and watched The Good Life on TV (re runs of course, or I would be showing my age.. Ahem) I have wanted to keep hens. They intrigue me. The fascination that every day they produce eggs. Free food!

In March 2012, a work colleague had a hen house and run spare so we bought it from him for a bargain of £50. He brought it over and we (husband) put it up with much grumbling about me always buying second hand items.

Skip forwards 1 year and we have just 3 hens, I am still very much a novice but have learnt so much about the creatures, I didn't think I would get so much joy from keeping them.

Of course the fresh eggs, but also the lovely clucky noises they make, and the kids love them.

We have always said we have them for food, and when they are at the end of their useful egg producing life, we will eat them.

But will we? I am not sure.....

Could you?