My journey with the fast diet 5:2

#225 of 365: Weight Watch After I had my son S, the weight fell off, I think mainly due to stress. New baby, returning to work and husband becoming stay at home dad, a lot of changes.

I had my daughter just after I turned 30, and after she was born, the weight just didn't shift. Maybe I was more contented, maybe it was the age, or maybe I was eating more and moving less...

In September my daughter C went to school. Then I realised BOOM, I still have BABY weight. She isn't a baby anymore and I am still carrying this weight. I am only small in height, a lowly 5ft 1, and I felt awful.

I never stick to diets, like a small child I have a very short attention span, and diets just bore me.

During 2012 I had taken up jogging to do the race for life and really enjoyed this, but jogging seemed to be an excuse that I could eat and drink more.

Early November I started seeing articles on the Internet about the 5:2 diet, so started to read more. It interested me, only having to restrict your intake to 500 calories (600 for men) 2 days a week. With my getting easily bored, it seemed possible.

I watched the Horizons documentary on youtube (now taken off by the BBC for copywrite issues) and thought, I have to try this.

So the next week I started, using myfitnesspal app to help me keep a log of what I ate.

My fast days are Monday and Thursday and it is surprising easy. The other days I eat normally, although I am now more concious of the calories in food so don't eat as much of some things.

On my fast days I try and wait as long as possible until I eat, this is usually around lunch time. Here is a typical day on a fast day

Morning - milky coffee (fast day or not, I can not do without coffee) Lunch -Tomato and bean stew (homemade in slow cooker, frozen in daily portions) Tea- very small amount of family tea Throughout the day lots of water and herbal tea And that is it 500 calories.

To be honest, it really isn't hard, I try eat foods that will fill me up for longer so I don't feel woozy headed.

Some days I am hungry, but I know I can eat things the day after if I want to, the great thing about the fast diet that is different to a normal one. Strangely after a fast day, I don't wake up hungry.

So far I am 1 stone 6lbs lighter, I still have about another stone to go but feeling much better for it.

Will keep posting my progress as I go.