Jet pack to Spain


When I had children it really amused me the incredible imagination they have.

When my son S was 3, he had imaginary friends.  Yes plural, there were a few of them!  He called them his 'kids' and he drove them around in a white car that he parked outside our house.  This went on for months, and I really wish I could remember some of the stories he came up with, they were very elaborate.

On Sunday, something made me laugh with my daughter C, it went a bit like this...

C: Mum can you cut this out for me? *Handing me a drawing*

Me: Yes, what is it?

C: It's a jet pack *smug look*

Me: Ok  *I cut it out for her, and handed it back*

C: Now can you add string to it so I can wear it on my back?

Me: Can do *adds string and puts it over her arms to sit on her back*

C: Thanks. Right I am going to Spain now

Me: Spain? now?

C: yes, I will set off after school tomorrow and have a sleep over then stay for my lunch *looking pleased*

Me: OK, where are you staying?

C:  *large sigh*  Don't worry I will call you to let you know where I am *taking a calculator out of her pocket and using it as a phone, walking out of the living room 'talking to someone*

C: I am staying at 1a Spain

Me: *stifling giggle* OK

C: *walking back into the living room* Oh, and don't forget to pack me a bag