Fear of the water

Pre children, I thought childrens swimming lessons would be like the Nirvana Nevermind album cover.Drop them in and they swim.

I think it is quite important to be able to swim, I have always got great enjoyment from it. My father in law can't swim and I must admit, I do find it rather strange.

When S was little, he had baby swimming lessons, then when he was 3 swimming lessons at the local council pool and he had no problems at all, sure there were weeks when he didn't want to do it, but he took to it quite easily and loves swimming and now is in a swimming club. No problem at all.

With C, went went swimming occasionally and she was OK. When she hit 1 year old she developed a fear of the water. A REAL fear, and after several trips to the pool, it got worse rather than better.

When she was 3, I enrolled her in the local council lessons, just as I had with S. she has duckling classes so once a week I have to get on the water with her for her lesson.

Every week for the last 2 years

Every week, I leave work early to take her to the pool and have her lesson. Today was one of those days.

Before the lesson she is excited, then we get there... over the 2 years she has got better, but we are a long way from her swimming confidently.

She is OK if we do things she is used to doing. But how is she going to improve if we only do what she is used to doing?

She is OK if she can swim next to the wall.

Today, there was a new girl that started, so C could not swim next to wall, and the fear took over.

You can see the panic and terror in her eyes, it is awful.

This is supposed to be something fun!

She refuses, refuses point blank to do what the swimming teacher asks and gets very very upset.

To be honest I have no idea how to get over this, how can you rationalise an irrational fear to a 5 year old?

I would think after 2 years this should be a lot better, I know you shouldn't compare your child to others, but when all the other kids are happily swimming and yours in in panic and crying, it is really difficult.

So what do I do?

Keep taking her every week, and hope at some point we have a breakthrough.

Or just forget the lessons completely...

I have no idea, I would love to hear your thoughts.