Making the most of a snowy weekend

On Friday in Yorkshire, we woke up to snow.... The day before was the first day of spring, unbelievable. It snowed ALL day. So by Saturday morning, there was so much. The wind was strong so it had drifted making some crazy patterns and very deep drifts.


So, we could make the most of the snow, I set off in search of a sledge, the only one we did own had broken. There was no way I could get the car out, so I set off walking, and returned with a shiny red sledge. We set off to the local park, on the way C fell over a few times into the snow drifts, one time going right up to her thigh. S was excited and ran in and out of the snow most of the way to the park.


A brilliant few hours sledging, snowball fighting until we were wet and freezing, went home for lovely toasted cheese and ham sandwiches to warm us up.


The hens, were not keen on the snow..


Hopefully, spring will come soon

Please, come soon, I need some sun!