Needing sun

That is it, I have had it. I NEED sun, and warmth!

The weather is getting me down. I am made for warmer climate, not cold, snowy British weather.

I am cold.

I have been cold for days. We have intermittent heating at home, still waiting for the plumber to come and fix it (praying hard it wont cost too much) and at work it has also been cold.

It is still snowy outside.

I need sun.

Today I wore a vest, a VEST. I am 35 not 5! And I was still cold. A vest, and 2 pairs of socks.

I need sun.

I will wither from vitamin d deficiency if this weather continues.

I need sun.

We don't have a holiday booked this year and we will be camping in the UK, so I don't think we will see much sun then.

Will keep dreaming of the sunshine and hoping for warmer weather.

...or just for my heating to be fixed!