Happy days

  English: Daffodil of spring.

Winter is only good for one thing - hibernation. But alas we can not hibernate (can't someone invent winter sleep capsules?)

I feel OK in November and December because you have the excitement and preparation for Christmas. But January and February just drag.



So when we finally see signs of spring, my heart gives a little excited flutter.



This weekend a few things have made me happy. Signs that spring is here at last.  Hurrah!



  1. The daffodils are finally flowering in my garden
  2. I have a few seed shoots showing from the ones we planted the other day
  3. The grass is growing, which means my husband will start getting busier with work
  4. We saw toads, mating - gross I know, but a great sign
  5. I sat in the garden for an hour on Sunday, the sun on my face, and it was lovely
  6. We went foraging for nettles, and I started making nettle wine.

Ah, feels like we can start enjoying life again!  Happy Days