5:2 frustrations

Since I did this post about the 5:2 fast diet, I have not lost even 1lb. I have been eating too much hit a plateau.


So I have been looking at what I have been eating,

My fast days I have been good, and stuck to 500 calories or under.  I have also been swapping the times I am eating.  Somethings breakfast and tea and others just tea.

But the other 5 days... I haven't been as good, and eaten more than 1300 calories a day I was eating, and this and the inactivity, must be why I have not lost any more weight.

Also with the easter holidays I have been eating lots of things I know I shouldn't. Or certainly not in the amount I have been eating them.

Meal times have been OK, but it us the snacking I need to get under control.  Snacks I have been binging on eating

Crisps (I know they are full of fat, but so lovely, I do really love them)

Easter chocolate

Biscuits (mainly custard creams)

SO, I need to get some motivation from somewhere and get back on track, start exercising and hopefully loose some more of the blubber.

Someone give me a kick up the backside please!