New bathroom?

This post is an entry into the Tots 100 and bathshop321 competition to win a new bathroom. Our bathroom is the only room we really haven't been able to afford to renovate, since we moved into our house 15 years ago..

Our bathroom is tiny, when the house was built it was originally in the garden, when it moved inside they put it in the middle of the house.

A few years ago we added a sun tube into the room so at least we have natural light in the bathroom.

So we have a tiny room. A tiny room that is also an awkward shape..


Now for the confession.... Our bathroom suite is SAGE GREEN

Yes sage green, a throw back from the 80s (still living in hope that it MAY come back in fashion)

And to make matters worse

1/ a few years ago my husband managed to get expanding foam down the plug hole (it just fell in..) so we have a half blocked sink

2/ last year the bath cracked and because we couldn't afford to replace the whole suite we have patched the bath with a tyre inner tube and silicone sealer (resourceful huh!) doesn't look pretty but does the job.

3/ Then last week we had an electrician round, he stood on the toilet seat (don't ask me why) and that broke as well. So guess what we patched it with.. Yes the same silicon sealer the bath is patched with. Because the toilet is so old, it is a non standard size for the seat and they cost a fortune.

So far our bathroom is very much a make do and mend room. Not a place that you want to really be.


So, here is what I think would be my ideal bathroom

  • Crisp lines
  • Simple
  • Has storage!
  • Earthy tones
  • Nice powerful shower
  • Underfloor heating (mmm warm toes)

This one is my favourite from the range at Bathshop321 Alpha cubic modern bathroom suite it is nice and simple with a sharp square design.


Even though it is a small space I would still want to have a bath in the room because the kids enjoy having them so much.

Here is the design I would have


With the £500 that comes part of the prize, I would have the suite fitted, new tiling and floor with underfloor heating, with in built storage at the side of the bath. And one of the lovely mirrors that does not steam up.

The style and feel I like

Soft stone like but soft bath mat


That would be my idea of bliss.