Bank holiday picnic

We never have good weather in the UK for the early May bank holiday, so when the weather forecast was good, I got very excited and thought of a perfect place we could have a day out and have a picnic, I blumming love picnics. Yockenthwaite is in the heart of the Yorkshire dales, it is a really small place with a stream or (maybe small river?) Running through it and great for rock jumping across the stream and general adventuring. We went the there about 2 years ago and the kids loved it, here are pictures from when we went before, and this is what I thought it would be like again with good weather.

Yockenthwaite 2011

I got up early and the weather was glorious, sun was bright and not a cloud in the sky - fantastic!

I packed the picnic (couldn't find sandwich bags so wrapped everything is grease proof paper, it did look quite nice) I had made frittata (even though only I liked it..) and lemon drizzle cake. Very impressed with myself, he he.

mmm full basket

Lemon Drizzle cake. mmm

We set off and traffic was light, so we got there quicker than I thought.

On the way, the sun disappeared and the sky looks decidedly .. grey... Hmm

The narrow winding roads on the last stretch made C be sick all over the back of the car. Hmm.. and because the roads were so narrow we had to wait 10 mins before we could pull over and cleaned her up. Much to the dismay of S who was sitting next to her!  Poor girl we got her clean and put her in a spare sun dress I had put in the car.

When we got to Yockenthwaite, we were the only ones there, bonus!

But, it was cold! When we left home it was 15 degrees, we arrived and it was 10 degrees (at best) with a strong cold wind.

Not the warm spring day I imagined

Hubby and S were in shorts and we put jumpers on, C was only in a sundress because if the sick incident and she put on a cardi and wooly poncho and she was frozen.

But we soldiered on, and had our bloody picnic. By the time we had nearly finished, her teeth were chattering..


A girl getting very cold

Pretending it is warm with his sunnies on

We were all starting to get cold.... And a few damp bottoms from missing sitting on the rug and sitting on the grass....Hmmm

We had a small paddle in the steam in our wellies, but no ones heart was really in it. Everyone was cold.

"Lets go home", I said

"Great" said everyone else "it is probably sunny at home"

So, we went home.

Not really the idilic picnic, rock jumping and stream dipping I expected. Maybe another time for this.

But sometimes, things turn out well. And when we go home the weather was brilliant, really warm and sunny.

So, out with the paddling pool, washing on the line and a cider in hand.


Playing in the garden with the kids, skittles, swing ball and racing with a space hopper.

A lovely end to a day that didn't quite go to plan.