How does your garden grow. Pt 5

How does your garden grow? I am really enjoying writing and photographing the blog posts for how does your garden grow. A big Thank you to Mammasaurus for hosting the linky.

I also borrowed my mums lovely camera, which some of the pictures in this post contain, but I had to give it back.  So I am back to my tiny point and shoot.  Will be starting to save for a fancy camera!

So, in our garden this week..

The geraniums of the last few weeks have started to fade, the petals are falling off, but the last flowers are still inviting the bees.

Geranium and bee Geranium petals on the ground

We have had an iris in the garden for years, ever since we had a pond. When the kids were small we got rid of the pond and planted the iris in the garden, it has only ever flowered ONCE in the last 7 years. But now it has started flowering in abundance, and what a lovely sight

Yellow Iris Yellow Iris

For the productive plants, the peas are starting to flower. I was sooo excited at this, I shouted rather loudly when I first saw them, I think all the neighbours heard we have flowers on the peas. Also the strawberries are coming on a treat.

pea flower Strawberries coming on a treat

The pink jasmine is also flowering and the bees love it, I didn't get a picture as I was back to my small camera and couldn't get an in focus picture of the tiny flowers, maybe next week..

And finally, the clematis has just started flowering, this is the first flower to open, but lots of flower buds

Clematis flower just about to open Clematis flower just about to open[/captionClematis flower

And along with the bees, the ladybirds have started to appear, these 2 little ladies were taken in the space of about 5 mins, so quite a lot I think in a small garden.

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