How does your garden grow? 6

For this weeks How does your garden grow, I visited a garden that is open for the National garden Scheme. For those who don't know the National Garden Scheme is brilliant, people open up their gardens and let you have a nosy around, you pay a small fee which goes to charity. A great idea, find details here

There are a few more that I want to visit soon, but this one is open quite a lot, it is the Dove Cottage Nursery and Garden in Halifax.

It is a few years since I last went to the nursery but a real gem.

A quick visit that left me speechless, really.

So, what did opening the gate reveal?

Lets open the gate..

A beautiful path with crammed borders

a beautiful path

it actually made me have a sharp intake of breath, the colours were so soft and beautifully put together

The Astrantia major were in full flower, and they had so many colours

The garden was literally buzzing, so many bees everywhere.

Lovely seating with sedums in pots


Ornamental grasses that were gently swaying, it was relaxing watching them



And the wildlife, that even my tiny camera managed to capture



Astrantia Major and bee

I was talking to the owner and she said the garden is in full flower in August, I thought it was truly magical so I will be returning in August as I can not see how that can be beaten.

Seeing all of that for only £2.50, a bargain I say.

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