Bamburgh Castle - our view

Whilst we were on holiday in Northumberland last week we visited Bamburgh castle. A castle we have been to before, and wanted to go again. It is an amazing place, you can read about the history here if you fancy.

I thought I would share a few (ahem, slightly more than a few -apologies in advance) pictures.

A family ticket into the castle is £24. I thought this was good value for what we saw, a great piece of history. On the day we visited there was a lot of sea mist, it made it quite atmospheric.

The exterior of the castle has quite a lot of wind erosion on the soft stone.

There was a display of people making candles, wicker baskets, arrows. Showing the armour and letting you have a try and generally asking questions - quite informative.

SAM_2445 SAM_2450 SAM_2486 SAM_2500 SAM_2502

Walking to go inside the castle these two cheeky fellas on the outside of this building


Inside the castle is very impressive. Here is a snapshot of the various rooms. From the main hall, to the kitchens.





I would heartily really recommend a visit if you ever go to Northumberland.