Different view

I really enjoy going out walking and connecting with nature. I especially like it when we go with the kids, and they spot something that you would never have seen. This was the case when we went for a walk on the canal.

S has an eagle eye for bugs and small things and he noticed baby frogs on the canal path. When you started to look, actually there were loads! something I just would not have noticed if I was by myself.

girls hand with baby frog boys hand with baby frog

Of course they had to pick them up and try to convince us that they should take them home... we didn't though.

The rest of the walk was very pretty

barge on canallock on canal

A lot of damsel flies and dragonflies - although I didn't manage to get a photo of the dragonflies they were too quick.

damsel fly

And something else unexpected, walking away from the main route we found this lovely tree arch. It was lovely and cool underneath (although the mosquitos lurking in there did take a liking to me *scratches arm*)

tree arch

Just a few more reasons why I love this time of year.