Allotment Life

Well, quite a lot has been happening since I posted about my new allotment - you can read about that here if you want to catch up. Life at plot 7a is lovely. I have to say I think I will be truly happy on the plot.

Everyone is very friendly. People will give advice if you want it, but if you are not interested they don't.

It feels a little surreal still that we have the plot, and we have been so lucky with the raised beds being in place already.

In the last 5 weeks we have..

Weeded (a lot)

Put membrane and bark on most of the paths to make nice weed free walkways.

Built a compost bin.

Planned, and had so many ideas, which have been changing frequently.

planted onions, blueberry, blackcurrent and redcurrent bushes for next year

and harvested some of the vegetables that were already on the plot (man we were lucky with this)

I have come to realise that plot life is a lot slower than the manic real world, and I need to slow to the correct pace.

Here is where we are now

Allotment Oct 14
Allotment Oct 14, tomato, homegrown
Allotment Oct 14, homegrown
Allotment Oct 14, onions, homegrown, plot 7a
Allotment Oct 14
Allotment Oct 14, pallets, compost,
Allotment Oct 14, compost,
Allotment Oct 14, pallets, compost

Other plans are in place for the end of this year and early Spring is to get things in place to have a great year next year.

We have been given a small tool shed by a plot neighbour, isnt this just lovely. It is over 60 years old, in great condition and he has given us the original lock as well! Hopefully it will soon be moved to our plot.

Allotment Oct 14, tool shed, plot 7a

Plans at the moment are making a woven willow fence and arch to grow things up. I have found local coppiced wood workers and will buy it from them.

We will hopefully be adding a polytunnel as well.


So much still to do before the growing season starts, but I can't wait for Spring already!