Hello *sheepishly waves* I haven't taken pictures for a few weeks. It was good to get out my camera again, I have really been missing taking pictures. It seems that life has been really busy lately. Today, we popped out, and went to look at a graveyard. Strange you may think.

I suppose it was, but it is a graveyard where a lot of my husbands family are buried.

It was cold but quite nice to have a walk around.

A picture of my children every week in 2014

S wasn't too keen, I think he has watched too many Doctor Who programmes and thought that people would start raising from the dead. You can see in his eyes he was quite fearful, bless him.

week 47, the boy

C, fearless as ever really wasn't bothered at all, quite enjoyed looking at the elaborate headstones.

week 47, the girl

In a few days I will share some more pictures from the visit.