Plot 7a January

Howdy! It has been a while since I did an update of the plot. Even though I haven't posted in a while we have been very busy.

Come and take a look.

plot 7a, allotment

As you can see, not much is happening in the raised beds.

The fruit bushes are overwintering, we have in some kale, onions and garlic and they seem to be OK.

The main changes since my last post are that the polytunnel has gone up!

This was very exciting for me last weekend, as we have half a plot, the other half that isn't ours has the building so we don't have anything yet, the polytunnel is the first shelter we have had.

Come and take a look inside


The maximum and minimum thermometer that doesn't work, it tells the temperature but not the maximum and minimum, I really need to take it back to the shop and exchange it.


The very important brew making station (spot the wind up radio in the background that I got as a Christmas present, it is ace)


I painted a table and chairs for the plot, at the moment they will live in there so I can use the table for planting seeds in about 1 month. The kids also use the table when I have been working outside and they want to stay warm. It is quite cosy in there (can you tell I am super happy with it?!)

I need to put down some flags inside the polytunnel and make some beds inside it, but I will get round to that in the next few weeks.

We are making the shed base to move the shed I showed you last time in October, you can recap here if you want.

In 2 weeks the coppiced hazel is arriving - this is something I have been getting quite giddy about. As soon as it comes and we have made the fences I will share this for sure.

Only 7 weeks and 3 days until the clocks change, and then it will be full steam ahead at the plot, I am getting so excited for Spring.