Time for expansion

times they are a changin
— Bob Dylan

At the plot, even though it is Winter a lot is happening.

We have expanded! Plot 7a has become plot 7 as we have taken on the half plot next to us. So we now have a full plot.

Let me show you around.

On the old plot, I only have kale, swiss chard and leeks in. Plus some herbs and fruit.

Manure has been added to the beds, and this will rot down over Winter, hopefully giving me some lovely soil in Spring.


Next to the plot I had already had, in the new area, I have got 8 more raised beds. I need to put membrane down and bark to make the paths at the moment they have a lot of weeds. The beds you can see in progress of adding manure and compost to these as well.

The bins, the last tenant of the plot liked to keep and grow in bins and they are everywhere (and baths)

I also have inherited a greenhouse, it needs a bit of work, quite a few panels of glass are broken and need replacing, and it needs a huge clean but it is actually in quite a good state. I am so happy to have a greenhouse! 

The greenhouse and a shed separate the other section of the plot. This section I will use for fruit. On the plot already is a plum tree, small apple tree, gooseberries, raspberries and blackcurrants. It also has globe artichoke and asparagus.

It has raised beds but they are rotten, so you can see here some new sleepers to make new beds.

And the shed!

Not just any shed, a HUGE shed. The shed links to the greenhouse (well it is supposed to, and it will again soon, but at the moment it is rotten.

OK, it is kind of falling down shed, but it is ace. Finally somewhere to sit and get out of the rain. A place to sit with a cuppa and ponder what to do next. I really do love this space.

Week by week, we are replacing broken things, my wonderful husband is doing a great job in doing this. He has started coming to the plot more now we have a larger space.

And also a small potting area attached to the shed. 

I cant wait to use this in Spring!

But the rest of the shed, oh the work that needs doing. 

Thankfully it is Winter and nothing else is growing so we can spend time on it. But there is a lot to do.

Sections of the shed has been covered with black plastic to stop the water getting in, it doesn't look very nice. In time I have plans to put slats from pallets on the wall and cover it with wood.

At least we will be kept busy.

Some other areas inside the shed are lovely, a kind of faded. One I cant wait to polish and inject some love into it.

And, something I can't wait to do again, make another woven fence to span the whole plot. This was so much fun, and it still looks great.

So that is where we are, a lot of work in the coming months, I will keep you updated of our progress.