From small seeds...

Full steam ahead!

With the recent warm spell, the seeds are really popping now at the allotment.

I can't quite keep up.

I am realising that MAYBE I am being too ambitious planting so much.... It is my first year at the plot after all.

And I think I got excited buying seeds.  The promise of growth when it was cold.

This year will be trial and error.  Some things we won't like, some things won't work and others I can improve on next year. 

I am growing so far:


In the polytunnel to be planted in the polytunnel

Tomato - Moneymaker & Costoluto florentino

Aubergine - Black beauty

Chilli - Hungarian hot wax





Currently in the polytunnel to be planted out 

Squash - Sunbeam

Courgette - Tondi di Picanza & Ambassador

Sweetcorn - Swift

Pumpkin - Tom Fox & Jack be Little


I am also attempting to grown a lot of flowers as I want to encourage the bees, I have:



Morning Glory




And planted outside in the raised beds

Swiss Chard


Onions - radar

Potatoes - Maris Piper

Spinach - Bloomsdale

Kale - Red Russian and dwarf green curled



I still have a lot of seeds to plant outside in the next few weeks as well. 

The beds have been dug and are full of well rotted manure.

And you can see in the the hazel arch is starting to take shape for things to grow over it. I am hoping to grow over flowers and the Jack be Little pumpkins

The cavolo nero that has fed us all Winter has started to set seed, I will grow some more of this as it was delicious and something I have never some across to buy.


And, the fruit bushes I planted in Autumn are starting to show signs of life finally!  

The blueberry bush is flowering - I was very excited when I spotted that this week. 

And the blackcurrants also look like they may produce a small amount of fruit. 

I don't think we will get much this year but we may get a small amount if the birds don't get to it first.



I think the next few weeks will see even more growth.  A very exciting time!

I hope I can keep up with it all.  Wish me luck!