I think most people have had a bear or something to cherish when they were a child.  

My bear was very special and I still have him today, although he now lives in the wardrobe and isn't as loved as he once was. He was told all my secrets and worries as a child, and was there to give comfort.

My boy loves his bear, and still sleeps with her every night.  

But the girl is very different, she has a bear or several but has never had a bond with one of them, she swaps and changes then, although one is her favourite. 

So when I read recently about Mark Nixon, a photographer who has photographed much loved bears. I decided to create pictures for the beloved bears in our house.

Some of them worn.

Most of them with loose thread where heads, ears and hats have been sewn back on. 

All of them have a lot of love within them.



Age: 37

Name: Hug




Age: 40

Name: Un-named



Age: 9 3/4

Name: Betsy



Age: 7

Name: Patsy

Do you still own your childhood bear? 

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