In the last week, we lost all of our hens to the fox.

2 hens they took, and one they left, but killed.  So the kids have been quite upset - understandably.

When it happened I was away with work, I felt pretty helpless I couldn't be at home, it wasn't a nice feeling.

Since then, the promise of new hens has perked them up quite a lot.

It is now the Easter holiday and to be honest we haven't really done much.  

We have spent some time in the garden trying to change the hen area and making it fully fox proof,  but apart from that it has been quite a relaxed affair.

Here is C, fully immersed in her world of pretend play.

And S, always some tech in his hands at the moment. But here is is watching Harry Potter on the TV. 

Hopefully we will get out and about in the next few days, but for now it has been nice to spend some time together not rushing around.