This week as it has been the school holidays we have been able to go for a walk after tea, it has been delightful.

One day we went to the local nature reserve, and we went to the bird hide to see what we could see. 

The kids were engrossed with the coming and goings of the birds.  The highlight was when we saw a Jay, although it was chased away by a magpie so I didn't get chance to capture a picture.


The great tit, such a cute little bird

Great tit

'What can we spy?'

bird watching

A female and male bullfinch, such wonderful colours on both of them.

Female Bullfinch
Male bullfinch

'Looking at you, looking at me'

looking at you

And of course the lovely robin


Spotted all within just a few minutes of our house, amazing isn't it.  

Think I will try and dust off my old bird book, so we can go again soon.

It was great to see the interaction between them this week changing, from working together spotting birds, to blue faced arguing no time after,  the joy of siblings!

Living Arrows