Pinks in the garden

I am writing this after having 30 children at the allotment this morning to talk about pollinating insects and the benefit of bees. I was working this afternoon, and now I can finally, enjoy the sunshine in the garden. 

And I have to say, I think the garden is looking quite fine at the moment.

We keep hens in our garden for the eggs, and in early Spring we lost all of them to the fox.

 This gave us chance to reflect and decide if we wanted to still keep hens, we decided that we did and it gave us the chance to update the chicken run and re-arrange the top end of the garden which has always looked very messy.

We got rid of the trampoline and freed up space, making one of the beds longer. 

I bought quite a lot of small plants for the bed and moved quite a few around.

And now it has started to come to life, in a beautiful wash of pinks and purples.

Come and take a look.

Lupins, that seem to be doing very well.  a purple one has started flowering as well.


The astrantia major we had last year, has doubled in size, but it is just as beautiful

astrantia major

Pink delphiniums 

An allium giganteum ready to burst into flower and pink aquilegias

allium gigsnteum

Clematis, more clematis.  A purple plant I have no idea of the name of and some tulips I bought from Amsterdam that have been flowering for about 6 weeks.

And, if you don't like hens you can look away now.  Here are the new girls (Cynthia, Edith, Olive and Myrtle) enjoying the garden.

How is your garden growing?