If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.
— Maurice Maeterlinck, The Life of the Bee

Over the last few years, we decided to grow more plants and flowers that will attract bees and other pollinating insects into the garden. This started after reading about the bee population declining, and realising that they are very important in our lives.

Now we have an allotment, I feel exactly the same, nothing has changed.  

And, that is one of the reasons that both the garden and allotment are organic, we don't use any chemicals at all.

This year we have quite a lot of bee visitors in our garden and the allotment, now the flowers are in full bloom.  It is lovely to wander and hear the busy buzz from them, hopping from flower to flower.

In the garden they seem to love the astrantia major and spend quite a lot of time on the flower, so I managed to capture some pictures of (what I think is) a tree bumblebee.

tree bumblebee
tree bumblebee
tree bumblebee
tree bumblebee
tree bumblebee

And at the allotment, they were a lot faster so not easy to capture at all.

Here is one (I have no idea what kind) on the comfrey.

And, on the borage a garden bumblebee

In the next few months we really want to make a bug hotel and someplaces for bees to stay and overwinter, there are some really good tips on the Friends of the Earth website I will keep you posted on what we make.  

Have you made anything, or grow any plants for the bees?