Reaping the rewards

After months of putting things into the plot, suddenly we are getting things back.

I think I forgot we were actually growing vegetables and I felt like I have been weeding (forever) and just tending to plants and seedlings.

And now, something amazing is happening.  Crops are growing and are needing to be harvested.

It is a very exciting time! 

If anyone follows me on Instagram I Have been posting some of my crop pictures.  

Over the last few evenings, at least half of our evening meal has been made with vegetables that I have grown. This is such a proud feeling I cant really explain it.

On Friday, I harvested our first 2 cucumbers. At lunch time I made a sandwich and added some cucumber, I cut into it and shouted to my husband 'come and look' (he looked fairly unimpressed that I was brandishing a cucumber in his face) Inside the cucumber was completely normal, it looked just like one you would buy.

And yet, that amazed me.  I know it is stupid.  But something I have sowed the seed, grown the plant, tending to it, hoping it wouldn't die, And now finally we are eating the reward.  

So, let me stop rambling and show you the plot at the moment.

I have quite a few flowers on the plot to entice the bees. The borage is doing rather well. 

The kids 'wild' bed is flourishing

And the mallow and Cerinthe have just started flowering.

The mangetout are growing really well, and on the ends of the bed the sweet peas have bene giving us a constant supply of flowers for the house.

The yellow courgettes are growing really well, and we are getting a few every couple of days.

I am growing a few different types of kale, and I cant wait to eat them.

The swiss chard has been a little disappointing, and with the hot weather we had last week has started bolting. I think I will leave it to self seed and try get another crop later in the year.

In the polytunnel, things are growing very quickly indeed.

And that is how plot 7a is growing!