Autumn Bounty

Last week, it was one year since I received a phone call to say we had an allotment plot if we wanted it.

One year since I almost made the lady deaf by screaming, 'YES!'

And what a year it has been, I have learnt a lot.

And, I still have a lot to learn!

Some things have worked very well, and we have been lucky to have been able to eat from the plot most nights since about June. I don't know how much we have saved by doing this, next year I think I need to write things down more.

Trugs full of vegetables have been coming home every week, some being dropped with neighbours as we just can't eat that much. And the freezer is full! 

Recently I haven't been to the plot for a few weeks, not to spend quality time anyway. 

On Friday, I went to spend a few hours.  Just me and the bees still buzzing.

The fascination with kale continues, and we have three varieties (cavolo nero, Red Russian and Curly green) that will take us through Winter.

The pumpkins have been ripening very well. I am really pleased with how they have progressed, as you can see from my cheesy grin.

The flowers have been delightful. We have started collecting the seeds from the flowers we really liked this year.  

I sowed some green manure on the beds that had potatoes in earlier in the year, and they have a really pretty flower.  I will leave the plant growing until Spring when I will cut it down and dig it in, hopefully it should enhance the soil for next year.

The sweetcorn is finally ripening, and we had the first 2 cobs on Friday, they were delicious!

Lettuce is still going strong

And, what is this, I spy?  The brussel sprouts are finally starting to form, hopefully they will be ready for Christmas. I love sprouts and my plants have been suffering terribly from club root (something I didnt know I had in the soil) so I only have 2 surviving plants.  Fingers crossed I can pick these on Christmas day.