Life Lately: January

After a lovely Christmas break I have decided to give myself a kick up the backside and actually spend a little time on this blog. So one thing I will do is a life lately post once a month (I know a unimaginative title, but I am sure you will forgive me)

Here we go, what has been happening for me in January?


The Bridge on Netflix, finally catching up with the Scandi crime drama and I have season I under my belt. I am going away for work at the end of this week and hope to be able to start watching Season 2.


8 weeks ago, I changed the way I was eating, and started to cut out processed sugars and refined carbohydrates from my diet. The first few weeks I felt pretty terrible, but now I feel quite good. Amazingly so. It has really made me change a lot of habits, and I have also dropped quite a lot of pounds on the scale which is a bonus.

Growing food at the plot has made me think more about food and I will be hopefully growing lots of lovely things this year to eat.



For Christmas I was given Eat, Nourish Glow by Amelia Freer, it is very good and have since bought her cook book as well Cook, Nourish Glow. Both are good and worth a read if you are interested in food and the affect it has on your body. 


Making plans for the plot, I just cant wait for it to get warmer to start some of them! The ground is so saturated from all the rain this Winter and a lot of work I need to do is ground work, so it will need to wait, unfortunately. 


Pretty good! At this time of year I usually feel a little like hibernating, not so much this year which is a great feeling. 


As I haven't been drinking juice, cordials and fizzy drinks I have been drinking a lot of water. I have also started to really enjoy herbal teas, which is a little strange for me as I don't like tea.



About our living room refurbishment. After many many years of having a living room I truly dislike the colour of we are finally giving it a facelift. A new fire (stove) new wallpaper and paint, new flooring, soft furnishings and lighting. Very exciting! 


What have you been getting up to this January?