Recently I had the pleasure to visit Lisbon for work. A few free hours got me out with my camera.

The food is amazing and not expensive. A good pair of walking shoes would be good, as the streets are paving with a beautiful cobblestones.

And, the weather was very nice as well, this time of year would be great as it wasn't very busy. I imagine the summer months would be very busy.

Here are a few things that I saw.

Igreja de São Domingos is a church with a huge history, after nearly being destroyed by two earthquakes, it also barely survived a fire, The church wasn't fully restored and you can still see signs of the fire.

The street lights were also beautiful, and I seemed to have taken quite a lot of pictures of them. The first picture is of the lantern going into the church.

And around the city, the beautiful walls of building covered with decorative tiles.

Then up to São Jorge Castle, for a look over the city and a glass of something cold.

If you ever get chance to visit Lisbon, please go, it is a truly beautiful city.