Lounge renovation {pt 1}

About 14 years ago, we completed the last lounge renovation. 

We did a lot of work. Knocked out a 1970s fireplace (a mock stone thing that spanned the whole living room, with plinths and nooks in it) we added a wall to make a lounge and a separate hallway, and stripped all of the skirting boards back to the wood (nightmare job with eh Victorian black laquer) 

At the end, we were so exhausted, the OH made all the decorating decisions. 

We had some free carpet and he took the colour scheme from that. The carpet was ginger... 

Fast forward 14 years and for the last 14 years I have hated the colour of the lounge. 

It is a dark space most of the time, it is north east facing, and the walls and decor was pretty dark. 

I cant actually find any pictures of the lounge to show the colour, but here is one and you get an idea of the vibrant orange walls. He loved it. I hated it.


A lot of looking on Pinterest and figuring out what we wanted, I wanted something that was lighter and brighter. And the carpet had to go. A new fireplace would be added and the lounge knocked about to fit in an inglenook.

The old cast iron fireplace was sold on eBay and the buyer got a bargain (much to the husbands dismay)

And we started work. Clearing the room and stripping wallpaper

Then we started to remove the chimney.

Nothing prepared me for the amount of mess, dirt, dust that would be with us in daily life for the next few weeks.

For weeks, we had endless tasks every day to complete so we could get back into the lounge quickly. 

I can't say that this level of renovation, mid way is not my favourite point.

Then we started sanding the floor...

I thought we were getting on top of the black dust from the chimney. I didn't realise the floor would create more dust, just in a different colour.

About 50 hours of sanding later (again more Victorian black laquer all over the floor slowing us down) and the floor was sanded, and started to look pretty good!.

But the house was filthy, we were getting tired.

One bright point was that we did the cellar renovation a few years ago so we at least had another lounge to sit in and the kids could go to.

The end started to be in sight.

Tiling of the hearth (this was on frustrating job, and I can cheerfully say I will never tile anything again) 

And then wallpapering, really we needed to re skim the walls, but we put up lining paper and then painted.

And we were nearly finished..

I had too many pictures to put into one post and wanted to make sure I captured everything from the renovation, so here is part one. Part 2 soon.