Allotment {May}

I realised I had not taken my camera to the allotment for such a long time, so I thought I would share what is happening on the plot at the moment.  

We had a slow start, it was very cold and wet so I didn't start anything too early. Then we started the lounge renovation and it I just had no time to go to the plot, it put me back a few weeks. Things seem to be catching up now. 

Some things are still around from last year, the swiss chard is still going, some of it is now going to see but other bits are OK. A fresh sowing of chard is in the greenhouse. The kale finally went to seed, which was a shame as we ate from that for months on end over Winter, what a great vegetable!

The last few weeks it has warmed up a little, and finally things are starting to grow. Along with seeds I have sown are starting to sprout, so are the weeds. 

In the strong winds over winter, the cover of the polytunnel blew away, it is a job for the next few weeks to replace it with something a little more robust. There is a self seeded aquilegia that has popped up in the bed of the polytunnel, very pretty.but it will have to move soon. 

The herb bed has survived over winter, and is starting to look pretty good, I seem to have lots of fennel this year, I need to find some good recipes to use it.

The strawberry bed I thought would not do very well this year, looks to be doing amazingly. The raspberries have come back as well, with flowers stating on both of them.

Comfry has also woken from the Winter sleep and is putting on a lot of growth, a plant great for the bees and also making a great (but smelly) fertiliser. 

The paths on the new section of plot are taking shape, I just need some more bark to finish them off completly, but the membrane is down and it looks a lot more uniform overall.

On the new side of the plot, I have turned an old sandpit into a raised bed, it has strawberries in it, I have sown perpetual spinach and also some radishes in there. They are all doing pretty well.

And old bathtub has 4 types of carrots growing in it, they have just started sprouting. I am quite excited about these, not sure if the bathtub is tall enough to not be affected by carrot root fly, so lets see. They need thinning, but I havent grown carrots before so I think I will leave it until they are a little bigger before doing that.

I have another bath near to the raised beds, this week I will be sowing parsnips in (I think this is quite late so not sure if anything will happen, but lets see)

On the new side of the plot, there were a lot of fruit bushes and these are looking pretty good. Some are newly planted, others are older. I am looking forward to eating fruit from the plot this year (if the birds don't get to it first!)

The gooseberries and currants are starting to swell.

Beautiful blossom on the plum, cherry and apple trees.

apple blossom

The blueberries seem to have survived the moving position in winder, and are now full of bell-like flowers.

And, since the ploytunnel doesn't have a cover, I can't grow in it. As soon as it does I will plant the sweet potatoes I have grown slips from in it. 

I am lucky to have the new greenhouse when I extended the plot. This has been cleaned and weeded (although more need to be done) and the seedlings seem quite happy in it. 

Some have got quite big they are now in the cold frame hardening off to be put into the raised beds at the weekend. Lots of pumpkin varieties this year, I can't wait to see how they grow.

And, that is how everything is growing.  Finally things are putting on growth and taking off.

The growing season really has begun!