Lounge Renovation {pt 2}

Finally the lounge is complete, and we have really being enjoying the space. 

You can read about the renovation here if you would like

The walls are a blue, green, grey colour and really change depending on the light, it has been hard to get a consistent colour in the pictures below for that reason.

Inside the fire is a dark blue and I really love that colour.

The floor we stripped and stained has come up very well, and it now matches the skirting and architrave very well. We are very pleased with it. The time and energy it took really was worth it.

The lights I love. We got them from Olive and the Fox
We really struggled to pick lights, I wanted something that was really minimal and not fussy at all, these I thought were just perfect. And, we picked the LED edison bulbs so they are energy saving.

The ceiling lights came and we wanted them to be a little further apart for the husband made a triangle out of an old wire coat hanger to hold them apart, I think it works well.

The fire.

Oh I love the fire. Although we still need to get a flue liner to be able to use it (the budget disappeared quickly..) hopefully we will do this before Winter.

The boy loved it so much he made a lego sculpture to go on top of it... bless him.

We had lots of plants in the lounge already, but I have bought a few more.

This plant string of beads (Senecio Rowleyanus) I bought from eBay. The plant pot I found at the allotment and then made a not very good macrame hanger. Think I need to watch a few more youtube videos and do another one later. I quite fancy making one out of leather cord.

We went to the Festival of Vintage in York, Jen from Little Birdie was running a competition and we won entrance tickets. It was a good day, and we managed to buy this beautiful footstool, it co-ordinates with the lounge perfectly, and we use it all of the time.

We have 1 large wall still bare and I need to add pictures.

The wall we have the TV on has these three lovely frames from The Orchard Home and Gifts, We added pressed flowers in. Two of them have bluebells in and one flowers from the garden. We have more flowers pressing at the moment and I can't wait to have lots of flowers to choose to fill the frames. 

And, that is the lounge renovation complete. I am so pleased with the space.

It feels lighter and brighter than it did, and I love how the wooden floor has come up.


Note: The Orchard Home and gifts sent me the frames for free for the lounge renovation, the thoughts and opinions about the frames are my own.