Allotment Life {July}

It is now July and the plot should be more developed by now.

A late start this year with decorating put me back about 1 month, and then the girl breaking her leg quite badly just hasn't given me the time I need at the plot.

Lessons learned for next year. Enough brooding let me show you what is happening.  

Poppies have self seeded in quite a long t of places, I have left quite a lot of them. One (below) the petals are all crumpled, it is really beautiful. 

Hollyhocks in flower

The fruit is doing very well (apart from our plum tree which seems to have a disease and is dying..) and the apples are starting to swell.

Blueberries forming.

The raspberries and strawberries are doing incredibly well.  There are so many and so many more to ripen.  We picked 4.5 kg of strawberries and raspberries yesterday, and 2kg last week. We have about the same again to pick in the next few weeks! 

I was send some lovely zinc planters from The Orchard Home and Gifts. They sit on the shed, one with tomatoes in and the other with succulent, they look fantastic.  When the tomatoes have finished I think I will add more succulents into the other as well, as it looks so pretty.

I just keep forgetting the roof overhangs and I need to water them....

Sweetcorn planted very late and now ready to be planted out, I don't think we will get any corn on them this year as it is too late, but lets see...

After a cold start and a lot been eaten by mice, the beans are finally taking off.

My great helper on the plot, even with a broken leg she is still coming and picking fruit, what a star!

In the greenhouse, things are growing well. Tomatoes, cucumber, gherkins, sweet potatoes and chillis.  Hoping for a good crop from the greenhouse.

And that is how the plot is early July. 

Not too bad, but next year I really need to start earlier!


Note: The Orchard Home and Gifts sent the two zinc planters to me for free, all thoughts on them are my own.